Ambulance billing is not based on definitive diagnosis. The ambulance billing caters to what the ambulance crew saw or encountered when they first met the patient. Coding and billing is done based on the Patient care transport filed by the crew during and after the transportation. The report becomes the most important document as it contains all specific details of patients condition, the severity of the injury, and the reason for the transport.

Since ambulance services include different levels of ground and air ambulance and the fact that “medical necessity” clause being a must for billing, makes ambulance billing a totally different beast compared to other type of billings.

We take pride in providing end-to-end billing service. To elaborate a bit, we do take care of the providers record keeping, data analytics, compliance, collections and even reporting compliance mechanism other than the regular billing stuff.

We at BTPI, understand that the business of ambulance transportation is a noble work wherein peoples’ lives are involved and worrying about billing would be the last thing on a company’s mind. This is where we step in and allow the ambulance companies to focus of the primary job –saving lives. We assist the companies to have better control over billing than ever before as the ambulance companies are provided with all assistance and details of the billing trend, payment schedule, error rates, efficiency of the system, and other value added services apart of just printing bills and collecting money on their behalf.

We increase provider cash flow by increasing percentage of collections. This is achieved by reduction in number of denials, ensuring most claims get paid on first submission, reducing overhead and cost to collect.

Our team of experts help the entire team in understanding the current regulations, constantly summarizing and ensuring reduction in common errors with respect to fee schedule, coding or internal procedural errors.

When you outsource your billing services to us, you are partnering with an ambulance billing company extremely focused on accuracy of your billing process, thereby improving collections and adhering to all compliance norms.

We also go back and collect whatever is collectible from your old collectibles as a value added service for you.

  • Eligibility verification including demographic checks and authorizations
  • Charge Entry process
  • Charge validation process
  • Coding Audits
  • Claim submission (both electronic and paper)
  • Payment posting
  • Denial management
  • Payment posting
  • AR followup
  • Appealing denials
  • Aging analysis

We do understand the indecisions a provider has to start with and thereby offer risk free 30 day trial service without any long term contract as a window for both parties to check compatibility and efficiency. We are sure we can make a difference and this window should serve as a great opportunity as a trust building exercise.