BTPI is a spin-off of a multi-million dollar Patson group ( centered at Belgaum, India. With an annual turnover exceeding US $5m, Patson group has catered to various engineering services including construction, hydropower projects, LPG cylinder manufacturing and fabrication for more than four decades now. Having strong investment and risk management abilities combined with sound business administration and project handling skills, the Patson group has always spread its tentacles across various industries to successfully strike synergy between its core competencies and the management heads of these diverse businesses within the group.

With the advent of new technologies that enable real-time global connectivity and with the huge Indian potential of skillful and educated manpower graduating every year, this family concern has diversified into Information Technology with this new division to fulfill the burgeoning need for IT Products and Services in the Market. BTPI is an end-to-end BPO unit operating from its three Indian centers in Bangalore, Pune and Belgaum, all three cities having a perfect mix of excellent climate, huge manpower potential and adequate transport through rail, road and air for convenient accesses.

Started in the year 2002, BTPI is currently offering BPO services to US Healthcare industry which includes Revenue Cycle Management services specifically tailored for the EMS, Ambulance, Medical Transportation industry and Physicians.

Management Team
Being a part of the Patson group, BTPI is already with an advantage of carrying a rich experience of managing thousands of employees employed under various projects of very large magnitude. Profile of the key people at BTPI is given below:

Tushar Patil - As CEO, Tushar Patil is responsible for the vision, strategy and leadership that drives BTPI. After completing masters from Kansas University, he worked in the US for 3 years at Alpha Soft Services. During this tenure, he gained access to various service segments in the US including healthcare, insurance and finance. His experience also helped him identify the non-core business segments there and plan to outsource the same to BTPI. He has the task at BTPI to help business segments concentrate on their core strengths and to bridge the link that correlates clients' expectations v/s BTPI deliverables.